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Originally from Crabtree (Quebec), Chantal Audrey Léveillé has always been attracted to fashion, beauty and the visual arts. After studying arts and marketing, she first worked in the field of fashion. Since 2002, she devotes herself exclusively to painting, dividing her time between creation and teaching.

The creation of silhouettes sculpted directly from the paint or exploded semi-figurative faces characterizes her pictorial style, both intuitive and structured.

Chantal Audrey Léveillé is a prolific artist recognized internationally. She exhibits both in Canada and in Europe and many art lovers from the business, political and artistic world own her paintings.

Her work has won her awards in many national and international art competitions. She also produces custom-made artwork to meet the various needs of numerous individual or business clients.


Awards and mentions


Trophy Prize for “Emerge” and "Tumult", Leonardo Da Vinci Center, Montreal.


Gold medal for “Cosmopolitan”, 51st Circle of Painters and Sculptors of Quebec exhibition in Paris.


Gold medal for “Notre-Dame”, 50th CAPSQ international exhibition in France.


Medal of honor for “Chiffon de soie” and “Assumée” during the 49th International Exhibition of the Circle of Painters and Sculptors of Quebec in Poland.


Éblouie” to represent the exhibition during the 32nd international exhibition of the CAPSQ, Netherlands.


Gold medal in distinct technique for “Shooting”, 27th annual CAPSQ competition.


Honorary president of the Bois-des-Filion painting symposium.


Public prize for “Charme”, 27th annual CAPSQ competition.


Third Académos prize presented by the International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec.


First demo prize presented by the International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec.


“Revelation” artist during the Symposium of Route des Fleurs artists, Laval.


Work selected to illustrate the directory of members of the Quebec Business Women's Network.

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